My Biography

Inga Veselova is an international expert in startup building and startup ecosystem management with 8+ years of experience. She worked with many early-stage startup companies in Europe as an advisor for fundraising and investor communication. Her latest collaborations are: Yanu (robotics, Estonia), MD X (adtech, Netherlands), Easy Soup (foodtech, Belarus), PayPugs (fintech, Latvia), OWN Experiences (AI, Spain).

Just recently Inga and her colleagues launched Velvet Community – a people first investment approach to invest in talented founders and business ideas, who are excluded from radars of business angels and vcs. Applying her expertise, Inga is hands on working with Communities portfolio companies.

Before starting Velvet Inga was involved in Seed Forum activities in the Nordic-Baltic region. She trained over 50 startup companies in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Norway and held 5 private investor match-making events. Inga held the position of Head of the Middle-East region for 1 year. In the short period of time she created high level connections with World Youth Business Club, Dubai Chamber, Innovation Norway and Enterprise Estonia to introduce foreign companies to an innovation ecosystem in UAE. In 2018 Inga Veselova was a speaker at AIM Startup conference in Dubai. In 2019 she did her own Panel Session at AIM Startup talking about business angel investments approach in the Nordics and in the UAE.

Inga developed and presented a concept of a unified Business Angels Investors association for UAE and presented it to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy. Her concept was taken over and started without her participation.